The Chaos

Chaos Loves Company

Chaos is Mac Kerman, Lauren Partington, Douglas Azevedo and Chi, the studio dog. Together, we represent three eclectic career paths destined to create a globally-acclaimed studio in Vancouver, BC.

Mac Kerman


As a six year old, Mac vented his restless imagination into countless home-made animation flip books, dreaming of bigger things, all with the loving support of his art-teacher mother. Manifesting his destiny, his passion led him to graduation from Calarts; the most prestigious animation school in the United States. Now a seasoned veteran and leading light of both the LA and Vancouver animation scenes, Mac has good advice for aspiring animators: “listen to your mother.”

Lauren Partington


After watching Sailor Moon as a kid, Lauren’s career aspirations led to her Dean’s List graduation from animation at Sheridan College. From graphic design she moved into the animation industry, first as an artist and then into production. Now a line producer, Lauren has worked on productions with Disney, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, CBS, and Amazon. Lauren enjoys watching film, studying fashion illustration and spending time with Mac and Chi.

Douglas Azevedo

Animation Director

Douglas, raised on the mean streets of Brazil, took a more bootstrapping approach becoming a self taught animation savant. He worked in Rio for the South America Cartoon Network series ‘Jorel's Brother’ before making the move to Canada to work on major productions including ‘Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures’ and ‘Arlo the Alligator boy’. A long friendship with Mac and Lauren led to Chaos.


Studio Princess

True to her name, Chi the Studio Dog is the vital force that runs through Chaos, searching for treats and inspiring us with her animal antics. “Chaos is a friend of mine.” Bob Dylan - Singer/Songwriter

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