More Chaos, Please.

We’re a small animation studio in Vancouver. We’re also a magnet for the most original and exceptional artists in the industry.

Chaos Loves Company

As the project requires, we draw unique and passionately motivated people who want to work with us to meet the challenges of high-demand entrepreneurs, artists and companies. In short, we’re scalable without compromise. Your project is special and our team of two or twenty will make it spectacular. “I like to get people moving and jumping. I think it’s good to add more emotion and Chaos.” Chuck Palahniuk - ‘The Fight Club’



We can’t offer school credit for internships, but we’re eager to work with talented and passionate people at any experience level. Feel free to reach out!

Prices vary widely according to length, art style, number of characters, locations and more. Connect with some project specifics for a free consultation and a rough quote.

Weeks. Years. It depends on the project. We work as fast as a stellar result allows.

Always. You may be exactly what we need at any point in time. Submit your reel / portfolio to jobs@chaosemporiuminc.com

You’ve already made a great decision. Now reach out to info@chaosemporiuminc.com Let’s make magic!

Adobe Animate, Toon Boom Harmony, as well as a smattering of other Adobe Suit products such as Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere among others.

Yes, this one. It’s meta too; people seem to like that.